Sports Club

We specialize in Sportifying Lives


Athletics comprises of track events (competing against time) and field events (competing against distance). Our sports club has all the necessary equipments like Discus, Javelin, Shot-put and much more. IIIT Pune has extraordinary athletes who always outperform in all inter college events. Our team has participated in India’s largest inter-college sports fest organised at IIT-BHU called Spardha, whereIIIT Pune achieved 7 medals (2 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze). This achievement brought a remarkable momentum to the development of IIIT Pune.


>It is an engineer that you see a spectrum of talent besides academia. Talent in Football in IIIT Pune is an addition to this spectrum. Our institute is newly established and thus is at initial stage. The college by far participated in many sports events including the renowned annual Footfive competition. Moreover, the college has participated in the prestigious sports event of COEP, ‘Zest’. Pune is the hub of talent from all over the nation and with the gradual efforts of our students it won’t be long before IIIT Pune will be at its apex.


“Talk with your racket, play with your heart” – Students at IIIT Pune are a wonderful exemplar to this quote. It is one of the sports which demands good footwork, grip, flexibility and endurance. Badminton is the most prevailing sport in IIIT Pune. It facilitates all equipments which give a boost to our team and helps increase mind and body coordination. Our team has put its effort to an extent that increases skill. Badminton players enthusiastically take part in many sports fest organizing all around including our annual sports fest ‘Mridangham’, IIT BHU’s sports fest ‘Spardha’, COEP’s sports fest ‘Zest’ and other inter-college tournaments. Players of the same outperformed in all the contests and highlighted IIIT Pune’s name high into the sky.


Kabaddi, an indigenous sport has emerged over the past few years and has ruled the world. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi is a chant many of us grew up hearing. Kabaddi in our campus is a sensation. Our college has participated in various inter-college tournaments. The game demands maximum efforts, thus team practices on regular basis to advance in techniques to overcome the competitor. Kabaddi team is equipped with a decent ground which provides such a platform at which our Kabaddi players can show off their talent.

Table Tennis

If there is one game in this world that tests accuracy, power and agility to the maximum level, it is Table Tennis. It is not only about the physical ability it is also about intent. IIIT Pune provides best equipments to the players. The institute is filled with young TT enthusiasts and is a dearth of talent. Students performed very well to the potential at ‘Spardha’ – IIT BHU’s sports fest. TT is the game that every student in the college has had his hands on at least on a couple occasions in their time in the institute.


Cricket is a religion in India – a religion with devoted followers. The case is no different at IIIT Pune. One of the most dynamic games to be played in the country enthusiastically, Cricket, enjoys a huge crowd following at IIIT Pune. The institute has pretty decent training grounds with well built training nets and other facilities which are essential for the training and practice of players. Cricket team of IIIT Pune is perhaps one of the dedicated group of people in the institute. They follow a work ethic worth mentioning. The team has participated in a lot of inter-college tournaments and performed very well at times perhaps a lot better than what possibly could have been done. Our team has shown outstanding performances at ‘Spardha’-IIT BHU’s sports fest, ‘Zest’ – COEP’s sports fest and many other events.


Volleyball is a game which needs huge efforts, physical fitness, and flexibility along with strength and body endurance. Here at IIIT Pune, outstanding performers and national players teach other participants some advance techniques and strategies to build our team to play extraordinary. Our college provides full support to the participants with efficient and decent volleyball court

Board Games

Board games are not just fun, but can also be mentally challenging focused on strategy and patience.IIIT Pune offers Chess and Carrom as board games which interested players can play. In hostels, board games can be issued and played in leisure time. During weekends, it becomes a matter for all the students to gather at common place. This brings a feeling of unity and brotherhood among all. These games are not just played for fun and enjoyment rather it needs huge strategy, techniques and effort. Maintaining the tradition of excellence, players of IIIT Pune have clinched several medals in various inter-college sports contests. This brings an inspirative feeling among non-participants. Hence, feeling to raise IIIT Pune’s name to make it a brand arises.