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Sr. No. Title Tender Number File Bid Submission End Date
1 Tender for providing dedicated 200 Mbps Internet Leased Line IIITP/ILL/2019/1036
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2 Quotation for Subscription of Journals and Magazines IIITP/lib/Journals/Quotation/2019-20/1045
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3 Corrigendum: Extension of last date of submission IIITP/Tender/Vehicle Hiring/2019-20/697
test 251.88 KB (English)
4 Corrigendum: Extentison of Bid Submission date IIITP/Tender/Partition/2019- 20/698
test 316.22 KB (English)
5 Tender for Supply and Installation of of RO water Purifiers IIITP/Tender/2019-20/716
test 138.85 KB (English)
6 Tender for Partitioning Work in Office/Staff Rooms IIITP/Tender/Partition/2019- 20/698
test 492.22 KB (English)
7 Tender for Hiring of Transport Vehicle Services IIITP/Tender/Vehicle Hiring/2019-20/697
test 489.35 KB (English)
8 Enquiry for Supply of Books IIITP/Lib/Inquiry. Books/2019-20/ 578
test 749.97 KB (English)
9 Enquiry for cabling and installation of the LAN IIITP/Tender/2019-20/599
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