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Sr. No. Title Tender Number File Bid Submission End Date
1 Procurement of Equipment/setups Digital Communication Lab IIIT Pune/Enquiry/2019/632
test 719.28 KB (English)
2 Enquiry for Supply of Books IIITP/Lib/Inquiry. Books/2019-20/ 578
test 749.97 KB (English)
3 Enquiry for cabling and installation of the LAN IIITP/Tender/2019-20/599
test 350.07 KB (English)
4 Tender for Providing Security Guards : IIITP/Tenders/2019-20/598
test 508.57 KB (English)
5 Enquiry for Electrical cabling and installation of Fan, lights etc. IIITP/Tender/2019-20/600
test 349.84 KB (English)